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Coach Station Employee Manual

Welcome to your manual

Welcome to your Coach Stations Manual where you will find all the tools and information to support you in making your experience with National Express a great one.

We're thrilled to have you on board as a member of our team.

All section 1 pages

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A history of the business, as well as our core values and more.
Visit the Introduction page.

All of our National Express safety policies.
Visit the Safety page.

Workplace commitments
Information and policies on bullying, disciplinaries and more.
Visit the Workplace commitments page.

Performance & development
How our development reviews work, training, probation information and more.
Visit the Performance & development page.


Information on sickness, absence and lateness.
Visit our Attendance page.

Pay, rewards & benefits
Explore payroll, pension and other benefits.
Visit our Pay, rewards & benefits page.

Work-life balance & wellbeing

Maternity, time off, flexible working and other policies.
Visit our Work-life balance & wellbeing page.

All section 2 pages

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COVID-19 update
Changes to how we operate and useful information.
Visit our COVID-19 update page.

Customer service standards

Processes and policies to ensure you're prepared to give great customer service.
Visit our Customer service standards page.

Customer recovery process
What to do in the event of a poor service for our customers.
Visit our Customer recovery process page.

First impressions
How to make a good first impression in the workplace.
Visit our First impressions page.

Operational information
Information on luggage, lost property, duplicate services and more.
Visit our Operational information page.

Accessibility & inclusion
All information on serving all of our customers equally.
Visit our Accessibility & inclusion page.


Learn all about our ticket types, guidelines and checking procedures.
Visit our Ticketing page.

Practical information
Contact details, a glossary of terms and more.
Visit our Practical information page.

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