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Workplace commitments

Our commitment

National Express is committed to maintaining a healthy workplace environment that promotes trust, respect and personal growth.

Drug free/alcohol free environment

National Express recognises that its employees’ use or misuse of drugs, psychoactive substances and alcohol pose a significant risk to public safety, as well as the employee’s health and wellbeing.

Therefore, we implemented a range of requirements and arrangements to protect our employees and customers from the risk associated with impaired performance caused by the use or misuse of drugs, psychoactive substances and alcohol.

For more information read our policy here.

Equal Opportunities & Diversity Policy

As an employee, you should expect to be treated with dignity and respect at all times by the Company and your colleagues. In return National Express expects high standards of performance and behaviour from its employees.

National Express employs people from various backgrounds and we embrace diversity. We respect different religions and creeds as well as different genders, races, age, sexual orientation and family and marital background. We encourage our staff to celebrate their different backgrounds and support local events where this is done.

More information can be found in our Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy here.


Regardless of where you work within our National Express UK team, our message to you is clear and simple - we are stronger together.

We will not let our differences divide us, we will not tolerate any inappropriate behaviour and we will support you should you experience any such behaviour whilst at work.

To reinforce this point, the D&I Council has developed the ‘Stronger Together’ brand. You’ll start to see the logo appear throughout the business on documents, communications and training courses to help reinforce this important message, and remind us all to treat others with dignity and respect at all times.


Get involved

As we develop our work further, we’ll also be using our more traditional channels of communication, such as posters, to reinforce the message. We’d like to recruit a ‘Sounding Board’ - a diverse group of people from across the business who can cast their eye over any material we’re looking to create, to give us an idea about how it might land and if there’s anything we can do differently.

Should you have any questions or suggestions as to how we can continue to make positive change within our business, please drop us a line by either replying to this email or emailing the D&I Council directly at

If you need to speak to someone regarding inappropriate behaviour please email, contact your local HR representative or speak to your line manager.

Bullying and Harassment Policy

National Express will not tolerate discrimination against our employees and firm action will be taken in this event.

See our Bullying and Harassment Policy here.

Grievance Policy

In the event that an employee has a concern or issue they would like to raise, we encourage them to first try and resolve the issue informally with their immediate manager unless of course the problem lies with their manager in which case they should speak to HR or the next level of management.

If the matter can not be resolved informally employees can refer to the Grievance Policy procedure but only once all informal measures have been exhausted. National Express strives to operate in a transparent and ethical manner, abiding by the law and other relevant standards.

Read our Grievance Policy here.

Disciplinary Policy

Our Disciplinary Policy sets out the standards of conduct expected of all employees and provides a framework for managers to work with their employees to maintain those standards and encourage improvement where necessary.

It is our priority to ensure that any disciplinary action is dealt with fairly and in accordance with the Disciplinary policy here.

If you are in any doubt as to your responsibilities or the standards of conduct expected, speak to your line manager.

Whistleblowing Policy

If you have a concern about any wrongdoing you reasonably believe is happening across our UK businesses you can raise this by contacting our dedicated helpline on 0808 234 0137.

For further information please refer to our Whistleblowing Policy here.

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