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Discover our network and find your journey using our interactive map

New Route Map

Route Map allows you to view all our stops, stations and airport locations on an interactive map. The map will allow you to plan and book your journey by searching, selecting and clicking book. Using Route Map you can:

  • Explore our vast number of stops
  • Plan your journey
  • See directions to your stop
  • Book your journey in four simple steps

Use Route Map now

How to use Route Map

Please use the steps below on how to navigate our map and search for your journey.

1. Search

Step 1

1. Enter a location, postcode or geo-search to locate your stop.

2. Use this tool to zoom in and out. Alternatively, on a mobile device, you can pinch to zoom.

3. These numbers indicate the amount of stops per location cluster, zooming will scatter the stops for more detail.

4. You can click the question mark at any time to display a key that will further explain the map's different icons.

2. Select
Step 2

1. Clicking on a stop will present you with a pop-up, which highlights the name of the stop/station.

2. This will launch your default mapping solution (Apple Maps, Google Maps, etc.) so you can obtain directions.

3. These buttons allow you to select this stop/station as the location you are either travelling from or to.

4. Different icons will confirm if you are travelling from a stop, station or airport.

5. On mobile devices, you can click this button to scroll to the top.

3. ExploreStep 3

1. This confirms the stop/station you have selected. You can clear your stop by clicking the 'x' at the end of the field.

2. The green icon indicates this is your departure stop/station.

3. The various lines show the different routes that connect the stops.

4. You can use this search bar to find the nearest stop to your desired location.



4. BookStep 4

1. Both fields contain your start and end stops.

2. You can clear either of the fields by using the 'x' button. You can also flip the direction of your journey by using the blue icon.

3. This box confirms the coach service number, direction and duration.

4. The green line shows the selected route between the green icon (start) and the red icon (finish). The additional dark line shown indicates there is an alternative route for your journey.

5. Once you are happy with your chosen route click 'Book journey' to view journey results for the current day.

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