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Manage my booking

View your tickets and make any changes you need to your booking

Make changes to your booking

To manage your booking you can simply log in or register with My Account. If you have purchased a ticket but do not have an account with us yet, you can register for an account using the same email address you used to purchase your ticket to view your ticket or make an amendment.
Sign up and view your tickets

Sign up to My Account for the following benefits...

No booking fee with My Account

Save £1 on your ticket purchase

View tickets

Check your past or upcoming journeys

Personalise your journey

Reserve your favourite seat or add extra luggage

Amend travel

Make amendments to your journey with ease

Checkout faster

We’ll securely save your details

Manage preferences

Great offers when you sign up to our mailing list

How to amend your ticket

If you need help with amending your ticket, check out our handy video tutorial below.

Use My Account to view and amend your tickets.

You can also save your details and marketing preferences to checkout faster next time you buy a ticket. And save yourself £1, as there are no booking fees when you checkout with My Account.

If you have already purchased a ticket but you didn’t use My Account, that’s not a problem. You can link previously purchased tickets when you login in or sign up to My Account using the same email address that you used to buy the ticket.

Click either of the links below to access My Account:

Check your past or upcoming journeys
View tickets

Make amendments to your journey with ease
Amend tickets



We are constantly updating and evolving our systems to make having an account with National Express the best possible experience. We are adding new updates all the time so keep checking back to see what we have added!

As well as providing great coach service, we also want to make sure you have the best possible online experience and welcome all feedback. Please use the feedback option on right hand side of the page if you see something you think could be improved. As we are now constantly updating our My Account experience, we will be retiring the old Manage My Booking system in the coming weeks. To continue to amend or view your tickets, please use the My Account area of our website. For a limited time, you can still manage your coach booking using the old Manage my Booking site to either view your ticket or amend your booking, however this functionality will be closing down very soon and will no longer be available.

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