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As the nation's number one, we offer so much more than a means of getting from A to B. We provide industry-leading, affordable coach travel to hundreds of destinations across the UK every day.

With comfortable seats offering plenty of legroom, unrivalled levels of onboard safety and security, and free Wi-Fi and charging points for your devices, we deliver the full package.

So if you're new to coach travel, take a look further and find out what you can expect from a comfortable and convenient journey with us...

More great reasons to travel with us

Find out why we're rated 'Excellent' on Trustpilot. Customer reviews 

Travel greener and find out about our sustainability goals. Environment 

Amend travel times and dates for free. Flexible travel 

Discover how we make travel suitable for all. Accessibility and inclusion 

On board our coaches

You can expect the following on all of our core services across the UK, so no matter where you're going you'll be travelling in style...

  Pack with confidence

Going on holiday, visiting family or heading to university?

You can enjoy a generous luggage allowance of two 20kg suitcases and one piece of hand luggage on our coaches. 

Discover more about our luggage policy now.

  Sit back and relax

Buying a National Express ticket means you're guaranteed a comfortable seat.

Plus, there's plenty of legroom and air-conditioning controls too.

  Free Wi-Fi

Connect to our complimentary Wi-Fi.

It's perfect for browsing the web and catching up on social media.

You can even charge your device with our handy USB ports.

  Greener travel

See how we've made plans to be the UK’s most sustainable coach company, with zero emissions by 2035.

Visit our Environment page for more information.

On board safety systems

Ensuring both our customers and employees are safe is always our top priority. Here are some of the ways we keep everyone safe on board our coaches...


National Express operates a zero-tolerance drug and alcohol policy. We use a system called Alco-Lock, which doesn’t allow the engine to start until the driver has passed an alcohol breathalyser test.


Each coach has cameras that monitor driver performance. Footage captured by these cameras is then used to coach and maintain driver standards to provide the safest possible journey and a better experience for everyone on the road.


For added peace of mind, our coaches have been fitted with video and audio CCTV.

  Speed monitoring

A system provides data to help us monitor our drivers’ speed and punctuality, to ensure our customers have a comfortable and well-informed journey.

  Lane Departure Assist

A lane departure warning system lets the driver know if the vehicle is about to cross the road markings without indicating.

  Advanced Emergency Braking (AEB)

Collision Avoidance or Advanced Emergency Brake (AEB) uses a camera and a radar to register what is happening in front of the vehicle and provide appropriate avoidance warnings to drivers.

  Fatigue Monitoring

A camera system monitors the driver's state of alertness, wellbeing and focus on the road ahead in real-time. If triggered this will automatically and immediately alert the driver.

The technology also gathers data over time to help drivers understand and improve their performance.

Take a look at what you can expect...





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