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Performance & development

Induction & probation

National Express understands that your first few weeks are key in ensuring you settle in well and feel supported by your line manager and colleagues throughout the business.

You will attend our corporate induction, this is a one-day event which will introduce you to the National Express vision and values, explain more about our global group business and will give you the opportunity to meet other new members of our team - and all this happens in a fun and interactive environment. Not only is the content of our corporate induction designed by our executive team, but it’s also partly delivered by them.

Locally, we have put in place an induction process to introduce you to your new role and equip you with all of the information, training and knowledge required to fulfil your role to a high standard and achieve your objectives. Your line manager will walk you through the expectations for your first 6 months and meet you regularly to discuss your progress and review your performance.

You can find more information about your probation here.

During your local induction, you will be introduced to iLearn, our learning management system which will be the central hub for all of your ongoing learning and development needs; from online courses, training programmes to online performance and development reviews.

You will also be able to book on to future learning events and track your learning and development progress. We also run a number of internal and external learning workshops and training events.


Annual Personal Development Review

You are in charge of your own development, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. We will always be here to support and guide you. Regular performance reviews are one way of providing our people with the support they need to develop and fulfil their potential.

All our employees have detailed performance reviews throughout the year. These are opportunities to discuss progress, review their personal development plan and set clear and tangible objectives. Employees are expected to actively engage in the process and make it a

The timeline for each phase of the PDR process is detailed below:

Phase 1 Jan: Objective Setting - objectives must be set and agreed no later than the end of January.

Phase 2 Mar-Jun: review progress of objectives and general performance through 1:1 discussions.

Phase 3 Jul-Sep: MID-YEAR Review - review progress against objectives, competency review, discuss general personal development and performance, refine development plans and agree actions.

Phase 4 Oct-Dec: review progress of objectives and general performance through 1:1 discussions.

Phase 5 Dec-Jan: END OF YEAR Review - final performance development review, to include sign off of achievement of personal objectives and overall performance.


National Express uses the concept of competencies as an essential factor in our recruitment process, performance reviews and succession planning. They are key in helping recruit the right people and evaluate performance effectively.

We have competencies defined for all roles and they differ from one another. Your line manager will walk you through the set of competencies that might be specifically tailored to your role.

Training & development

Training and development is an ongoing process aimed at fulfilling organisational needs and individual growth.

National Express ensures that all employees appointed to a job are correctly selected, inducted and trained. Employees are obliged to fully engage with the company process and training programmes.

Where possible, National Express will make every effort to facilitate any employee who wishes to participate in further education and training opportunities to enhance their skills and career development.

Performance Improvement Policy

All National Express employees must perform their duties diligently as per the company’s high standards; and our success is built on the contribution of each one of our employees, so we know how important it is to create an environment that fosters the very best people and where everyone feels valued and able to contribute.

There will be times when an individual’s performance falls below the standard we expect. Most performance issues can be resolved through early informal discussions, regular one-2-ones, feedback and a manager's support.

In this policy, National Express outlined the process and procedure for dealing with and resolving cases of unsatisfactory performance. The procedure may however result in sanctions being applied, where little or no improvement is attained within the predetermined time frame, including dismissal.

Please read the full policy here.

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