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First impressions

Uniform standards

Our uniform tells people who we work for, whether you are on or off duty.

If you are wearing the company uniform, you must behave in a professional manner that portrays the brand and yourself in a positive light.

We want our customers to know that we are a responsible and caring business, and if we look smart and appear friendly and approachable, they will always go away with the right impression and will want to travel with us again.

Wear your uniform with pride, you are responsible for keeping it well maintained, cleaned and smart at all times.

For more information, please read the Appearance Policy.



Coach Stations Standards

The appearance of our coach stations, both inside and out, is the first thing our customers see when they start their journey with us. It is therefore vitally important that we present a professional and inviting environment that will encourage them to use our service again and again.


- Ensure the Coach Station and its surroundings are checked every day to make sure it is clean and tidy.

- Check that paths leading to the Coach Station or Travel Shop are clear of obstructions.

- Check the building, including windows and doors, signage, information screens, paint work, litter, CCTV and lighting.

- Check the interior of the building, including windows and doors, signage, information screens, litter, paint work, lighting, CCTV, displays, toilets and other facilities.

Raising the standards of our Coach Stations will discourage vandalism and encourage travel on our coaches. Customers will feel more comfortable and relaxed if we show that we have taken care.

General cleanliness

  • Windows, doors, floors and other surfaces should be cleaned daily.
  • Customer seating/waiting areas should be cleaned daily. Any damage to fixtures and fittings must be reported to your line manager as soon as possible. If the damage creates a safety hazard, remove the hazard if possible, or highlight the hazard to customers and fellow team members by erecting relevant signage until the hazard has been removed.
  • All rooms or areas which are visible to customers must be kept clean at all times to ensure we portray a professional image.
  • Paintwork, walls, other surfaces (window sills etc) must be clean and well-maintained. If graffiti is identified, it must be reported to your line manager and removed as soon as possible.
  • All floor areas should be kept clear of potential trip and slip hazards. If a hazard is identified, immediately highlight the risk to customers and fellow team members by erecting safety cones and ensure the hazard is cleared


  • The Station and Travel Shop must be free of litter at all times.
  • Litter bins, where provided, should be emptied when full or emptied at least once per day.

Ticket office

  • Ticket desks must be kept free of clutter and should not be used to store anything other than National Express produced leaflets (when applicable) and materials.
  • Used tickets and litter must be removed as soon as possible.
  • Opening hours should be displayed at all locations, and placed in an area clearly visible for our customers.
  • The hours displayed must be accurate and updated when necessary.


  • Customer queuing time must be kept to a minimum.
  • Where self-service ticket machines are available staff must actively ‘queue comb’ in order to encourage machine use and reduce ticket office queuing time.

Ticket machines

  • Self-service ticket machines must be in good working order and calibrated regularly.
  • Local Management should ensure that the machines are regularly inspected.
  • If they are not in good working order this should be reported to your line manager as soon as possible.
  • Ensure that the sticker labels are in good condition and have not been ‘picked’ at. Toilets
  • Toilets must be checked for cleanliness every hour.


Signage and displays must be clean, clear, unobstructed and welcoming.

  • Signs and posters must be produced to National Express corporate guidelines.
  • No handwritten signs or posters should be visible to customers. For details about Brand Hygiene, please refer to the Brand Centre.
  • Any damaged signs or posters must be removed and a replacement should be provided.


  • Safety notices (emergency exit signs and fire extinguishers etc) must be clear, unobstructed, well maintained and in good working order.
  • Planned General Inspections (PGI) must be completed daily, by a designated person.
  • All visitors to the coach station must sign the visitor’s book. There will be occasions when we require contractors to conduct building work or general maintenance at our stations. When this happens, always make sure that safety regulations are adhered to.


  • All retail shops must display their products in a tidy manner.
  • Always make sure that magazine racks or promotional stands do not obstruct the general concourse area, helping to ensure customer flow is not impeded.

Keeping Customers Informed

Our customers will be relying on you to provide them with accurate and timely information. it must always be delivered in a concise and professional manner. Our Coach Stations teams will be using the available tools including technology (OCS, Utrack, Coach Tracker, Traffilog..), PA system and face to face communication.

Always, ensure that you have the most up-to-date knowledge and information to help our customers during their journey with us.

Customer information screens

Ensure that the information screens are displaying accurate information and report any issues to the IT Team or your line manager.

Information screens must be cleaned regularly and unobstructed at all times.

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