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Why you should take the coach this Clean Air Day

What is Clean Air Day?

Published 20/6/2019

Clean Air Day takes place in June every year to raise awareness of the harmful effects of air pollution to both people and the environment.

On Clean Air Day schools, hospitals and communities band together to do their part for the cause and take practical action against air pollution. We want to do our part too!


What can we do?

The way we can take action is giving you the best possible alternative transport to meet the needs of your everyday life. We serve hundreds of locations throughout the UK, and while most people don’t know this, travelling by coach is actually one of the most environmentally friendly forms of transport.

Our coaches give out up to seven times fewer CO2 emissions than a car, so you can travel knowing you’ve done your part.


Did you know?

Prepare yourself, you’re about to be hit with some serious facts!

As convenient as cars can be, they are also the number one cause of roadside air pollution, which has reached illegal levels. In fact, in UK city centres alone, poor air conditions contribute to 40,000 deaths each year.

Diesel cars are the biggest contributors to NOx pollution from road transport, together accounting for 71% of emissions, compared with just 6% for buses and coaches. Plus, on a per passenger kilometre basis, a full modern coach performs better on emissions than the average private car and also uses road space much more efficiently.

Finally, here’s one to really make you think… If everyone switched just one car journey a month to a bus or coach instead, that would mean up to a billion fewer car journeys, saving two million tonnes of CO2!


Together we can do great things for our environment, and ourselves, so if you’d like to learn more about Clean Air Day please visit cleanairday.org.uk. Or, if you’d like to explore where our coaches can take you next, take a look at our Destination pages below.

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