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Welcome to your Driver's Handbook

Dear Driver,

At National Express we are very proud of our brand and the consistently high standards our customers have come to expect regarding safety and customer service. As a professional driver, you will be very aware of how important it is to deliver a great service for our customers every time and this Handbook is intended to be a useful tool for you to refer to when you need clarity, guidance or insights into all the different elements of driving in service for us.

The Handbook is broken down into different subject areas: driving standards, operational issues, accessibility and inclusion, ticket types and audit standards. This makes it much easier for you to search by topic to find the information you want to access and read about. I do hope that you will find the document useful and much more accessible than before.

We are also very aware of how things can change and the need to keep the information up-to-date. By making this important document available electronically, we can do this much more efficiently without the need to print and distribute updated versions which can then become quickly out of date.

Finally, I would like to repeat how committed we are to delivering a safe, professional and accessible service for our customers every time. Every customer provides us with an opportunity to impress and exceed their expectations. Please do take time to familiarise yourself with what is expected of you and some useful things to remember when dealing with the many different scenarios you will find yourself in as a professional driver working for National Express.

Ed Rickard, Network Director


Security and left luggage

Your safety and security as a National Express driver will always be a priority, especially when dealing with unattended baggage.

Please use the guidelines below to help keep you, your customers and your vehicle safe.


HOT principles

Route risk assessments

Important guidance and information.


Route risk assessments

Useful videos

Please browse these videos to support the instruction given to you in this handbook.

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Contact info

Have any questions? Please use the contact details below for further assistance.

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Legal disclaimer

Please note that this Driver’s Handbook is only intended to be viewed by drivers employed by sub-contractors of National Express Limited. Please do not share or circulate this document to any other person or post online or otherwise publish. National Express accepts no liability for damage or loss howsoever caused in connection with the use or reliance on any material, guidance or information contained within this Driver’s Handbook by any person for whom it was not intended to be viewed.

This document is only intended to be advice so far as compliance with it will deem compliance with National Express’ values. Please be aware that whilst we aim to go over and above the minimum legal standards/obligations required of you as a driver, and whilst every effort will be made to keep-up with legislative changes, we cannot guarantee that compliance with this Handbook will mean that you are compliant with the law. Therefore, you should ensure that you know and understand your legal duties and obligations as a professional driver.

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