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Seat removal procedure

Step by step instructions on how to reconfigure the front seat of a National Express coach for wheelchair accessibility.

PLS lift - main procedure

Please watch this video to familiarise yourself with the full instructions the PLS disability lift.

PLS lift - manual override

See the procedure for helping wheelchair users exit a National Express coach using the PLS lift manually.

Hidrel lift - main procedure

This video will show you how to operate the lift, including how to board and disembark a customer correctly.

Hidrel lift - manual override

Please see this video for lift use to disembark a passenger if the usual operating procedure fails to work.

Hidrel lift - operating procedure 2

Please watch this video for further instruction on how to board and disembark passengers using a wheelchair.

Coach walkaround check

Follow along with these necessary checks that should be completed before every journey.

Seat reservation

Click below for the full driver course on how seat reservation works, including the necessary driver checks, boarding process and what to do if a customer is in the wrong seat.

Take the course now.

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