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Additional luggage

Take as much as you need

Expecting to carry extra luggage when you travel with us? Did you know you can purchase your additional luggage in advance through My Account and save up to 1/3 compared to on-the-day prices?

We've also provided everything you need to know about what you can bring with you to make sure your journey is hassle-free.

How do I buy an additional luggage allowance?

Additional luggage is available to purchase online, at our coach stations and from third-party agents.

  • Firstly, you'll need to begin purchasing a National Express coach ticket, either online through our website's journey planner or through My Account.
  • During this process, you will be given the option to 'Add Extras' to tailor your journey to your needs.
  • Select 'Need extra luggage' so it is highlighted in green and choose up to 3 extra bags to bring with you. 
  • You can then finish paying for your trip and your ticket will be sent to you.
  • Alternatively, if you have already purchased a ticket, you can add on an extra at any time with a staff member, or ticket machine at our coach stations or online using My Account.

How much does additional luggage cost?

Take a look at our handy table below to see how you can save the most on extra luggage.

Payment channel Charge per item, per single journey Charge per item, per return journey
From our website at the time of purchasing a ticket £10 £20
My Account £10 £20
From the Station £15 £30
From a Ticket Machine (selected Ticket Machines only) £15 £30
From a third-party agent £15 £30

Terms & conditions

These terms and conditions apply to your purchase of additional Luggage and are in addition to our Conditions.

  • Condition 11 of our Conditions permit you to:
    • store in the luggage hold of the Coach, free of charge, either: 2 medium sized suitcases or rucksacks each measuring no more than 70cm x 45cm x 30cm and weighing no more than 20kg, or one large suitcase or rucksack measuring no more than 75cm x 50cm x 32cm and weighing no more than 20kg; and
    • take onto a Service, free of charge, one small piece of soft hand Luggage measuring no more than 45cm x 35cm x 20cm.
  • Additional Luggage is available to purchase on all Services, except for any European Services, any season tickets purchased by telephone from our Customer Contact Centre or in person from one of our Stations, any Third Party Provider services and Events detailed on the “Events” page of our website.
  • In accordance with Condition 11.1(b) of our Conditions, you are permitted to purchase up to 3 additional items of Luggage for each leg of your Journey.
  • You may purchase additional Luggage prior to departure from any one of the following channels at charges detailed below:
Channel Charge per item of additional luggage per single journey Charge per item of additional luggage per return journey
From our website at the time of purchasing a ticket £10 £20
My Account £10 £20
From the Station £15 £30
From a Ticket Machine (selected Ticket Machines only) £15 £30
From a third-party agent £15 £30
  • Refunds - Additional Luggage is non-refundable, unless:
    • you have purchased a Fully Flexible ticket;
    • we have cancelled the Service;
    • we have amended the departure time and you no longer wish to travel; or
    • we are unable to accommodate your additional Luggage on the relevant Service.
  • Amendments - If you amend your Ticket and have purchased additional Luggage, the purchase of your additional Luggage will automatically transfer to the departure date and time of your amended Ticket.
  • We shall have no obligation to carry Luggage in excess of the permitted amount or size or which does comply with the dimensions detailed in Condition 11.1(b) of our Conditions.
  • All additional Luggage purchased is subject to availability and space on board the relevant Service. In accordance with Condition 11.1(b) of our Conditions, if you pre-purchase additional Luggage and there is insufficient space to take your additional Luggage, you will have to the option:
    • to wait for the next Service with available seats and space for your additional luggage where priority to board will be given to you over customers without reservations, however, you will be responsible for any and all costs associated with your later departure; or
    • to receive a refund of your Ticket, including the additional Luggage.

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