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Passing the time while travelling

Published - 2 July 2019

The old saying, “it's not about the destination, it's about the journey” may be true, but when you're on a long trip twiddling your thumbs it's easy to forget that this is also part of the experience. Don't waste your coach journey rinsing your data to scroll through your mate's social profiles, use travel time more wisely and arrive guilt-free at your destination!

Get inspired 

How many things did you used to do that you never have time for anymore? Read something, listen to music or download an audiobook, all great opportunities to relax or get inspired. If you're on a commute it's a good way to wind down and separate your work life from your leisure time too.

Get inspired

Let us entertain you 

If you don't feel like winding down, why don't you let us entertain you? VUER is our free onboard entertainment system with top TV shows, games and even movies to keep you occupied as you travel from A to B. All you need to do is go to watchvuer.com and you're in!


Be creative 

A coach journey is the perfect opportunity to get those creative juices flowing. You can have a bit more time to get your thinking in order, mindmap ideas and be in your own little creative bubble. If you're someone who loves to write, draw or in charge of planning the next big group trip, use the time on the coach to do the things you love.

Prepare your day

We know a lot of you use our coach services to get to some of the UKs amazing city locations or coastal destinations. So why not use the journey to plan out what you'll do when you get there? Write a list of top activities, research tourist hotspots and debate in your travel group what you want to do first when you get there. You can even use our website for destination inspiration or read a few more of our blog posts!

Switch off and relax

Staring out of the window is not wasted time. In fact, there are tonnes of research to support the idea that daydreaming is good for you. Instead of thinking about your jobs list, your nan’s birthday party planning or what colour to paint your hallway, take the opportunity to glaze over and let your mind wander. Reset your work-life balance, think about your bucket list and get excited about life again. It's also a great opportunity to catch up on some sleep, which is made even more appealing when you are sat in our comfy leather seats.


Talk to a stranger

We‘re working with BBC Crossing Divides who want to spark one million conversations on the move. It’s been proven that talking to strangers can make us happier, so why not say hello? You don’t have to – but you might just like it. Odds are you are already sitting next to an interesting person.

Talk to a stranger

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