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What is VUER?

VUER is our digital entertainment service, available on our core network of coaches, and what's even better is it's absolutely free to use!

Access hours of TV shows, news and sport and entertain the kids with our games selection. If none of that takes your fancy then connect to our onboard Wi-Fi for free browsing. 

Use our new and improved VUER today

While you can still use our VUER app, you no longer need to download it to access all of our amazing content. Simply connect to our Wi-Fi, 'National Express Coach' and go to


How to use VUER

Step 1

Get on board and connect to the coach's Wi-Fi, 'National Express Coach'.

Step 2

Go to in your web browser.

Step 3

Choose your entertainment and relax.

Step 4

Alternatively, enjoy simple web browsing by registering with us and selecting 'Connect to Wi-Fi' in the top right corner menu.

Frequently asked questions

How do I access Wi-Fi through VUER?

In VUER you can connect to Wi-Fi by selecting 'Connect to Wi-Fi' in the drop-down menu, which is located in the top right-hand corner of VUER. You'll need to register with us to gain access.

Please note: free Wi-Fi is intended for basic web use only and will be unsuitable for use with other streaming services and bandwidth-heavy activity.

How do I access onboard entertainment or Wi-Fi without the VUER app installed?

1. Once you’ve boarded the coach, open Wi-Fi settings on your device.
2. Connect to the National Express Coach Wi-Fi network
3. Launch your internet browser, please check supported browsers below
4. Go to
5. Click continue, sit back, relax and start viewing or to access internet…
6. Simply click on the Wi-Fi icon from the Homepage where we ask for some details, then accept our T&C's and you’re on the internet and off you go!

Can I watch VUER content with subtitles?

Yes, Vuer has subtitles where available. Please look out for the subtitles icon at the bottom of the video play page.

Will I have to pay to access VUER onboard entertainment?

Our onboard VUER content is completely free for your entire journey.

My link to VUER content in my email is not working; How else can I access it?

Sorry the email link isn't working. Try this one instead to take you straight to the amazing entertainment we have available for you We hope you enjoy this service!

Supported devices

For iOS (iPhone and iPad) you will need to have version IOS 11. or above installed. The media portal will prompt you if you don't have the right version, but generally iPhone 5s, iPad Mini 2, iPad Air and above cannot support iOS 11. If you have an older version you will still be able to read newspapers, magazines and play games and watch all clear and most DRM content

I am having issues accessing VUER/Wi-Fi, what can I do?

VUER is fully supported in the following browsers:

Safari - iOS*, Mac OS
Google Chrome - Android, Windows, Mac OS
Firefox - Windows, Mac OS
Opera - Windows, Mac OS
Silk - Amazon Fire OS only

*For iOS (iPhone and iPad) you will need to have version 11.2 or above installed. We will prompt you if you don't have the right version, but generally, iPhone 5s, iPad Mini 2, iPad Air and above can support iOS 11.2. If you have an older version you will still be able to read the news, magazines and play games.

If issues persist accessing content on VUER or getting onto the onboard Wi-Fi, then please get in touch with our digital contacts team via Twitter (@nxcare) or facebook (@nationalexpress)

The Wi-Fi isn’t working - will you refund my ticket?

We’re keeping our passengers connected by offering onboard Wi-Fi wherever we can along our routes. Due to the nature of the 3G and 4G mobile connections, speeds and connectivity will vary depending on where we are and how many people are online.

As we’ve made our VUER content free for all passengers, it’s not a service that’s included in our refund policy.

Where can I view the VUER terms and conditions?

Full VUER terms and conditions can be located here

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