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5 University Essentials

Published 2 September 2019

Now that results day has passed no doubt many of you will be gearing up for the start of university. Leaving home for the first time and exploring somewhere new can be quite daunting so we’ve put together a checklist of 5 university essentials to help.

1. Suitcase

The day comes for you to start packing to go to university and you have the sudden realisation of how much stuff you actually own, don’t worry we’ve all been there. Making sure you have the right size suitcase is a big factor. The last thing you want is to weigh up what to take or not because you don’t have enough room in your case. Also, you need to be able to fit in all your washing when you head back home for the weekend!

If you travel with National Express you will find we have a generous luggage allowance of 2 medium suitcases or 1 large case plus 1 piece of soft hand luggage.

Student packing suitcase

2. Young Persons Coachcard

If you’re planning to move away for university, travel will play a huge part in your time away. Coming back home to see friends and family on the weekends, or maybe even visiting your friends at their universities, the cost can add up to a pretty penny. But it doesn’t have to…

Did you know, if you're aged 16 - 26 or are a full-time student, our Young Persons Coachcard gets you ⅓ off all our Standard and Fully Flexible fares and 15% off travel to events and festivals.

3. Extension Lead

It may not seem like it now, but an extension lead is definitely a first year university essential! With all the tech you’ll be bringing with you, more often than not there are never enough plug sockets in your room to cope. Your TV, laptop, tablet, hairdryer, phone charger, alarm clock, desk lamp, the list goes on. For that reason, the extension lead continues to hold its place in our top 5 university essentials.

Extension Lead

4. Tablet/Laptop

How can you binge-watch all your favourite programmes with friends without one of these! Oh, and catch up with your work of course…

When you aren’t out exploring your new city location and making friends or just fancy a quiet night in, your laptop or tablet is a fresher’s essential. From keeping up to date with social media, catching up on the week's TV, or maybe even some online shopping. 

Also, you could use it to kill time on the coach to university by accessing our free onboard entertainment app VUER, where you can enjoy hours of movies, TV shows and news for free!

Student on tablet

5. Clothes Hangers

Last but not least, clothes hangers finish our list of university essentials. There's always someone in halls who has brought their whole wardrobe with them but forgotten to pack clothes hangers. These are definitely an essential item if you don’t want a room filled with folded clothes. Hangers are also useful if you don’t have the luxury of an iron and need to hang the creases out (trust us it works).


So there you have it, that’s our list of the top 5 university essentials. If you are heading to university this September then check out our university services and top destinations to save money on your travel.

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