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What is VUER?

Check out our new and improved service

Date published: 4/6/2019

We've listened to our customer feedback and are pleased to announce that we have now launched a new and improved VUER service.

VUER is the onboard entertainment service from National Express, available on our core network of coaches. When you travel with us you can enjoy hours of TV shows and news for free! You'll even find shows to keep the kids busy and games to play too.

What can I watch?

We've got some tonnes of amazing tv shows available to watch. From comedy with UKTV Play, documentaries from VICE or children’s favourites on Cartoon Network. All you need is a Wi-Fi enabled device to connect you to the coach via 'National Express Coach' so you don't use any of your data!

What else can I do on VUER?

As well as viewing our hours of content, you can also use VUER to access the internet, browse sites such as Facebook and Twitter, check the weather or do some online shopping while on the move.

To do this, simply connect to the Wi-Fi by selecting 'Connect to Wi-Fi' in the drop-down menu, which is located in the top right-hand corner of VUER. You'll need to register with us to gain access.

So what's changed?

We’ve made it even easier to access all the available free content so you no longer need to download the app prior to boarding.

Once you’re on board, simply connect to the ‘National Express Coach’ network and type into your search bar.

The new VUER system is connected directly to each coach so there's no interference if you go through a tunnel or arrive at a coach station, and no buffering or reboots when your coach makes a stop.

Our content has been refreshed and will be updated regularly. So if you are a frequent traveller you will have plenty of choice for viewing on the move.

Will the app still work?

The app is still available and will work if you choose to access content this way.


The new and improved VUER system was rolled out across our entire fleet during the spring. So the next time you travel with us, sit back, ‘View, Unwind, Enjoy and Relax’ with VUER. For more information, hit the button below to go to our VUER webpage.


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