Check before you travel...

At 2am on Sunday 29 October, the clocks go back by one hour.

Stay informed and check your service on this page to see whether your arrival or departure time is affected. Depending on what time your service departs, it will either be running to British Summer Time (BST) or Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

Services departing on British Summer Time (BST)

If your service departs before 1:00am on Sunday 29 October, it will operate on British Summer Time, i.e. the time zone that we are currently on. We've listed these services below for your information. You don't need to adjust your clock before travel.

ServiceRouteDeparture times (BST)
025London to Worthing23:30
035London to Poole22:30
035London to Poole23:59
060Leeds to Manchester Airport23:30
201Swansea to Gatwick Airport22:05
201Swansea to Gatwick Airport23:50
201Gatwick Airport to Swansea22:15
201Gatwick Airport to Swansea23:35
203Heathrow Central Bus Station to Portsmouth22:30
206Poole to Gatwick Airport00:20
206Gatwick Airport to Poole21:15
206Gatwick Airport to Poole23:55
210Wolverhampton to Gatwick Airport23:45
210Gatwick Airport to Wolverhampton20:50
210Gatwick Airport to Wolverhampton20:50
211London to Birmingham00:30
216Bristol Airport to Cardiff00:15
230Derby to Gatwick Airport22:50
230Derby to Gatwick Airport00:40
230Gatwick Airport to Derby20:05
230Gatwick Airport to Derby22:35
240Bradford to Heathrow T521:00
240Bradford to Heathrow T523:20
240Heathrow T5 to Bradford18:20
240Heathrow T5 to Bradford22:05
250Stansted Airport to Ipswich23:59
250Heathrow T5 to Ipswich23:25
334Bournemouth to Glasgow17:30
334Glasgow to Bournemouth19:45
336Edinburgh to Plymouth21:30
336Plymouth to Edinburgh16:40
349Nottingham to Stansted Airport00:05
401London to Stroud22:00
403London to Bath22:30
404Penzance to London20:05
404London to Penzance23:00
406Penzance to London21:45
406London to Penzance23:00
410London to Wolverhampton22:00
410London to Birmingham23:00
421Blackpool to London22:00
421London to Blackpool23:30
422Burnley to London22:00
422London to Burnley23:30
435London to Ashington23:00
435Ashington to London23:10
436South Shields to London22:35
436London to South Shields23:30
440London to Nottingham22:30
440London to Derby23:59
444London to Gloucester23:59
450London to Nottingham22:30
465Huddersfield to London23:05
465London to Huddersfield23:30
490London to Norwich23:30
501London to Plymouth21:00
509London to Cardiff22:00
509London to Cardiff23:30
509Cardiff to London01:00
509Cardiff to London02:40
561London to Bradford21:30
588Inverness to London18:00
588London to Inverness22:30
592Aberdeen to London18:55
592London to Aberdeen22:30
594Edinburgh to London21:30
594London to Edinburgh22:30
727Norwich UEA to Gatwick Airport23:20
727Gatwick Airport to Norwich19:15
727Gatwick Airport to Norwich UEA21:15
727Gatwick Airport to Norwich UEA23:15
737Stansted Airport to Oxford00:59
747Heathrow Central Bus Station to Brighton23:00
747Heathrow Central Bus Station to Brighton01:00
777Stansted Airport to Birmingham00:59
787Heathrow T5 to Cambridge21:30
787Heathrow T5 to Cambridge23:59
871Dublin to London20:00
871London to Dublin18:00
880Dublin to Leeds19:50
880Leeds to Dublin18:15
890Cork to London16:00
890London to Cork18:30
920Belfast to London14:19
920London to Belfast23:30
A1Luton Airport to London23:55
A1Luton Airport to London00:25
A1Luton Airport to London00:55
A1Luton Airport to London01:55
A1London to Luton Airport00:01
A1London to Luton Airport01:00
A7London to Stansted Airport23:30
A3London to Gatwick Airport00:01
A3London to Gatwick Airport01:00
A3Gatwick Airport to London23:30
A3Gatwick Airport to London23:59
A3Gatwick Airport to London00:30
A3Gatwick Airport to London01:00
A3Gatwick Airport to London01:30
A6Stansted Airport to London (Portman Square)23:30
A6Stansted Airport to London (Portman Square)00:01
A6Stansted Airport to London (Portman Square)00:30
A6Stansted Airport to London (Portman Square)01:00
A6Stansted Airport to London (Portman Square)01:30
A6Stansted Airport to London (Portman Square)02:00
A7London to Stansted Airport23:30
A7London to Stansted Airport23:59
A7London to Stansted Airport00:30
A7London to Stansted Airport01:15
A7Stansted Airport to London23:30
A7Stansted Airport to London23:45
A7Stansted Airport to London23:59
A7Stansted Airport to London00:15
A7Stansted Airport to London00:30
A7Stansted Airport to London00:45
A7Stansted Airport to London01:00
A7Stansted Airport to London01:20
A7Stansted Airport to London01:40
A7Stansted Airport to London02:00
A8London (Whitechapel) to Stansted Airport00:05
A8London (Whitechapel) to Stansted Airport00:25
A8London (Whitechapel) to Stansted Airport00:40
A8Stansted Airport to London (Liverpool St Station)00:15
A8Stansted Airport to London (Liverpool St Station)00:35
A8Stansted Airport to London (Liverpool St Station)00:55
A8Stansted Airport to London (Liverpool St Station)01:20
A8Stansted Airport to London (Bethnal Green)01:45
A8Stansted Airport to London (Bethnal Green)02:05
A9London (Stratford) to Stansted Airport00:30
A9London (Stratford) to Stansted Airport00:55
A9Stansted Airport to London (Stratford)00:30
A9Stansted Airport to London (Stratford)01:00
A9Stansted Airport to London (Stratford)01:30
A9Stansted Airport to London (Stratford)02:00


Services operating on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

If your service departs on or after 2:00am on Sunday 29 October, it will operate on Greenwich Mean Time, i.e. the current time zone minus 1 hour. We've listed these services below for your information - if you're travelling on one of these services, adjust your clock back by 1 hour before travel.

ServiceRouteDeparture times (GMT)
203Portsmouth to Heathrow Central Bus Station01:10
205Poole to Heathrow Central Bus Station01:30
210Wolverhampton to Gatwick Airport01:15
240Bradford to Heathrow T501:45
250Ipswich to Heathrow T501:00
444Gloucester to London01:30
727Norwich to Gatwick Airport01:05
737Oxford to Stansted Airport01:00
747Brighton to Heathrow Central Bus Station01:45
777Birmingham to Stansted Airport01:00