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Concessionary Travel Application Form

Please find below the staff concessionary travel application, please complete the below form which will be received upon submission by the concessionary travel pass department, once your application has been reviewed and accepted, you will then receive an email asking you to reply with an uploaded attachment of a passport-sized photograph of yourself and your nominated person. If there are any issues with your application the team will contact you via the email address given. Please note this form is only to be completed by the employee or partner operator employee. Nominated persons should not submit an application on their own.

We will aim to provide your concessionary travel pass within 10 working days of receiving your photograph(s).

To view the Concessionary Travel policy please click here

Staff Pass Form
Who are you contracted to? 100% Discount - Employee

(Up to 40 journeys per complete month, per pass)
100% Discount - Nominated Person

(Up to 40 journeys per complete month, per pass)
50% friends and family code

(Up to 10 bookable journeys per complete month)
Standby Travel
NX Coach employee (NEL including NX Ireland, NX Leisure and NX Group)
NX Coach retiree (NEL including NX Ireland, NX Leisure and NX Group)
NX Bus, NEAT and NETS employee
National Express Coach Partner Operator

Concessionary Travel Application Form

Employee Details
Type of Pass Requested
Any further information

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