Storm Barra service update -

Our services are currently running as normal with no cancellations, but may be subject to some delay in weather affected areas. Please check your service before you travel by using our Coach Tracker.

Staff Pass Request Form

After completing this form, you will then receive an email asking you reply back with an uploaded attachment of a passport sized photograph of yourself and your nominated person, reply back to this email and your application will then be processed.

Who are you contracted to? 100% Staff Pass (Upto to 40 journeys per complete month, per pass) 100% Nominated Pass (Upto to 40 journeys per complete month, per pass) Friend or Family 50% friends and family code (upto 10 bookable journeys per complete month) Standby Travel
NX Coach employee (inc Group)
NX Coach retiree (inc Group)
NX Bus employee (inc NEAT)(inc NETS tbc)
Partner Operator

Staff Pass Request Form

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