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A message from Catherine Woolfe

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With quality service, spotless coaches, and the best drivers in the business, we all know National Express is the savvy way to travel. 

In 2024 we have a big mission; to become the UK’s leading transport provider. To do this, we must change perceptions and get people to see us differently. From July, there will be ads on TV and radio, we’ll have a new look and feel across our website and coach stations and so much more, but you can get involved too… 

To help our customers travel even more savvy we want to give them your tips, tricks and travel recommendations. So if you’re ‘In the know’, then email us at or fill out the form below.

Representing the smart way to go to our customers

The big launch

In addition to our big TV and radio campaign which is launching in July, you’ll also start to see lots of other exciting additions’. We’ll be adding a bit of onboard savvy to our coaches, from changes to our seat reservation signs, to little wins for our customers, just for looking out the window and snapping a photo.


We’ll be sharing more over the coming weeks.


What does it mean for me?

This isn’t just going to be another marketing campaign, it’s a whole new personality, tone of voice and positioning, which resonates across the business internally and externally.


This means it becomes a part of everyone that works across the business too. If we want to represent National Express as the savvy choice, we also need to change our tone of voice into becoming everyone’s favourite, savvy neighbour.

Get involved with ‘In the know’

‘In the know’ is a collection of travel tips and recommendations from the savviest, most in-the-know people in the UK… You.

So whether you know the best pie place in Wigan, a great book for a long journey, or  anything else that can help people make the most of their trips, email or fill out the form below and let us know too.

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