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National Express

Travel advice for children & young people

Safe travel advice for children and young people

  • Any passengers under the age of 14 should be accompanied by a responsible person aged 16 or over.

  • Children who are 14 years of age or over are allowed to travel on our services unaccompanied but should be appropriately prepared to travel on their own.

  • Children aged 14 and 15 years old may travel unaccompanied, as from 5am, arriving at their booked destination no later than 10pm. Unaccompanied children will be asked for proof of age or a signed letter of permission from their parent/guardian. (SMS or chat-based messages are not permissible).

In the event that a child or young adult is travelling alone, there are some safety tips they should follow and you as a parent or carer should be aware of:

  • Plan ahead - You may want to avoid journeys with long stopovers and plan a journey that includes as few changeovers as possible.

  • Meet Up - Ensure that someone is meeting a child or young person at their final destination and that they know where they are being met.

  • Write it all down - Make sure that the child travelling has their journey written down and that the details are on their person. This should include all arrival and departure information and the time that the child will be met. Ensure that there is an emergency contact number on the paper too so that a responsible adult can be called even if the child’s phone has run out of battery.

  • Charge it - Make sure their phone is fully charged at the start of their journey and any important numbers are stored in the memory. Delays and disruption may mean that a journey may take longer than expected so it’s important they have enough battery to last the entire duration and beyond.

  • Stick together - If the child is travelling in a group, tell them to stick together and always look out for each other.

  • Call us - If you need support or, in the unlikely event of an emergency, call 999.

Changes of travel plans

Sometimes, if there is a travel disruption, passengers may be required to travel on a different coach or even by taxi.

Although it is uncommon, children and young people travelling unaccompanied should be made aware of this possibility.

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