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Why everyone should try a festival

The season of mud and music is upon us!

The warm weather has got us thinking about summer and now we’re already looking forward to festival season!

Whether you’re gearing up for Glastonbury, debating a trip to Download, or just looking to try something new this year, we’ve got plenty of reasons we think everyone should experience a festival at least once...

Festivals are a must for music fans

Image credit: Andrew Allcock

If you have a genre of music that you really enjoy, a festival gives you a line-up that's difficult to find anywhere else. The crowds are all going to like similar styles to you and the atmosphere is like no other concert you can go to.

The sheer volume of people singing and swaying along to a treasured track with you is magical. Plus, you have the chance to check out new and upcoming stars, so you might even find a new favourite act in one of the smaller tents!

But there's also a lot more on offer

Image credit: Derek Bremner

While going to see a favourite singer or band might be the reason that most people get a ticket, music isn’t the only thing that makes festivals great.

Most events are now filled with entertainment beyond music, including art, comedy and film screenings. Even if you’re not a fan of the headliner you’ll still have lots of different zones to visit, food to try and activities to participate in.

If you want even more variety then check out festivals like Wilderness, where swimming in the lakes, mass morning yoga, axe throwing and cricket matches are all part of the jam-packed schedule. A Green Man settlers pass even gives you special discounts on local heritage sites, galleries, castles and more so you can unearth the very best of Wales.

Festival camping is an experience too

Tiny tents, muddy fields and awful portable toilets are often what put a lot of people off going to a festival. We would be lying if we said that this has completely changed, however, camping is a lot more accessible now.

There are tents which pop-up, inflatable mattresses and many events have upgraded facilities like glamping if you really can’t stand the thought of being without home comforts for a few days. But before you disregard camping just yet, remember that the camaraderie in the campsites is something really special, and is all part of the true festival experience.

It’s easy to get there

You don’t need a designated driver to take you there. Once you’ve got your event ticket you can book coach tickets with us and enjoy comfortable, return travel at a great price, often right to the festival gates!

Did you know that as an official coach partner of Glastonbury, we even gain early access to help you secure the best tent spots available? Plus, you can sign up to our newsletter for the latest updates and offers so you never miss out on a good deal.

The memories are unforgettable

From your favourite music moment to the awesome street food or laughs with your friends and family, festivals are the perfect place to make memories that last a lifetime.


Don't miss out on a really special weekend this summer, give a festival a go this year and travel in comfort and style with us all the way there and back. For more information on our festival and event services, hit the button below!

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