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Which festivals should you visit based on the songs you’re secretly obsessed with?

'Guilty pleasures galore'

Don’t Stop Believin’, Tragedy, Dancing Queen – whatever song you’re secretly obsessed with, we think you should throw caution to the wind this summer and embrace it. That’s why we’ve found the best festivals to satisfy your ultimate guilty pleasure playlists.

From all-rounders and alternative angels, through to undercover rockers and dedicated ravers – we’ve got you covered this festival season…

Are you an undercover rocker?

Characteristics: Bopping along to pop? No thanks – it’s all about hardcore headbanging to the sweet sounds of rock legends! Whilst you prefer music with well-thought-out lyrics, you’re no sensitive soul and are first to venture into the depths of the mosh pit. Well fear not, we’ll get you there!

Download Festival
Music: Rock, Metal, Punk

Since you love nothing more than rocking out, there’s no question about it – you have to visit Download Festival – the self-proclaimed spiritual home of rock.

Whatever sub-genre you’re into, we know you appreciate the technical expertise behind every intricate guitar solo and, trust us, Download will spoil you with its first-class acts.

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Image credit: Photo © A7X Italia Gallery (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Are you an all-rounder?

Characteristics: You see music (and life) as one big buffet of variety. You can't get enough of all different genres to suit whatever your mood is at that moment. The only hard part is deciding on what to listen to next!

Reading and Leeds
Music: Rock, indie, punk, metal, hip-hop, dance... Everything!

If your musical tastes leave you wanting everything from Kendrick to The Kooks, then look no further than Reading and Leeds, where you’ll have the ultimate bank holiday music banquet.

Aside from seeing the big-name headliners, the real quest is to find your newest favourites across multiple stages, stuffed full of incredible artists from every genre.

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Image credit: Jazmin Quaynor on unsplash.com

Are you an alternative angel? 

Characteristics: Creative might as well be your middle name and you utterly flourish outside of the mainstream. As an alternative angel, you’re all about that eco-friendly life and have a preference for vintage dress, organic food and upcycled goods. Your phone is filled with a unique mix of soft-rock, indie and folk music, which you’ll find at these festivals…

End of the Road
Music: Folk, Alternative, Country and Americana

End of the Road is an alt-lover’s dream and trust us, you won’t be disappointed. Forget the ‘chart toppers’ of the moment, the acts at End of the Road are (and always have been) handpicked based on what the organisers are loving – making for a truly unique line-up..

As a liberal music fan, we know you’re quite the adventurer and – good news! – that’s what the festival is all about. Want an example? Rather than musicians retreating to kitted out VIP tents, they often wander around watching other performances, so you may just meet your favourite band!

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Image credit: Photo © Phorque cc-by-sa/2.0

Green Man
Music: Folk, Electronic

Since you’re all about the crafty, creative and cultured life, your imagination will be sent into the best kind of overdrive at the weird and wonderful Green Man.

Taking over the Brecon Beacons, the festival will transform the Welsh valley into a haven of the swinging sixties with its fine mix of folk, electronic and psychedelic sounds. But, believe us when we say there’s so much more to Green Man than simply the music.

It’s a whole other world in itself where you can enjoy everything from a circus, theatre and comedy performances through to the experience-led Einstein’s Garden and ‘nature-nurture’ relaxation corner.

Plus, if you’ve got some fun ideas on how to add to the festival, just get involved – they’re always open to suggestions!

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Image credit: Annie Spratt on unsplash.com

Are you an experience seeker?

Characteristics: As much as you love dancing in the crowds, you know that music is just a small part of the festival experience. If you’re not jamming along to sweet ear candy, it’s probably because you’re practicing your sun salutation at a group yoga class, have wandered into a comedy tent or are being a crafty little devil at an artsy breakout session. Outgoing and bubbly, you’re not afraid to talk to new people and by the end of the festival, you’ve end up with even more friends than you started with. Bonus!

Wilderness Festival
Where: Cornbury Park, Oxfordshire

Put ‘day to day’ firmly behind you and keep reality at arms length because #spoileralert – a world rich with experience awaits and it’s known by the name of Wilderness. At the four day award-winning festival, you can explore an intimate outdoor wonderland and do, frankly, whatever takes your fancy.

As you start each day, you can awake the senses with early morning yoga as well as other exercises (using this term rather loosely – you’ll understand why), such as wild swimming and … rolling in glittery grass (yay!).

With a book tent devoted to literary arts, long table banquets and plenty of late night revelry to boot, trust us when we say there’s always something to do and discover at Wilderness.

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Image credit: Photo © andy carter cc-by-sa/2.0

Boomtown Fair
Where: Matterley Estate, Winchester

As an experience seeker, we can guarantee you a festival affair like nothing before as you revel in the madcap streets of Boomtown. With film sets, beatnik characters and fully immersive storylines, it’s the UK’s only festival that will make you feel like you’ve been thrown right in the middle of a Hollywood movie – so prepare yourself.

As you walk through the gates, you’ll be welcomed as a citizen of the town and will first be tasked with choosing which uniquely themed district you’ll be a part of. From the Wild West and scientific Sector 6 through to China Town and Barrio Loco, there’s something for absolutely everyone in the weird, wonderful and wacky world of Boomtown. That includes the music too, and you can expect a whole host of genres, including ska and party bands, cabaret, gypsy, folk, reggae and dub. What are you waiting for? Book your coach travel here and we’ll get you there.

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Image credit: Boomtown Fair

Or are you just a foodie at heart?

The Big Feastival
Where: Alex James’ Farm, The Cotswolds

For families who want their fill of delicious food and child-friendly festival fun, there’s no question about it – you need The Big Feastival in your lives.

At the three day event in the medieval market town, Chipping Norton, the festival combines top grub from some of the country’s best chefs with a stellar line up of all-star music acts.

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Image credit: Anthony DELANOIX on unsplash.com

Please note that this blog was written prior to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. Because of this, the information above may no longer be entirely accurate. We apologise for any inconvenience.

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