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Still Life Museum - National Wonders

Published 29 May 2019

There’s still life in this London museum…

Have you got an interest in the natural world? So much so that you want to see Bison Metatarsals or the odd stuffed marmot? Then we might have found the National Wonder for you. No, we’re not talking about the Natural History Museum, sights like these can only be seen in one place. Hackney. The Still Life Museum, Curiosity Shop and Café to be more precise.


What is Still Life?

Whoever said curiosity killed the cat obviously hasn’t visited Still Life museum and shop in London. Located deep in Hackney you can enter a world of weird and wonderful natural creations from emu skeletons to Megaladon teeth to even 10 thousand-year-old woolly mammoth fur!

Opening in just 2018, owner Aidan deals in all things peculiar and is on hand to talk through all of the museum/shop’s funky possessions, with his most prized being the stuffed back end of a zebra (Yep you read that right).

If that isn’t enough Still Life also doubles up as a pretty great café, known well for its delicious dark arts coffee and out of the box brunch creations. Honey glazed chilli bacon with beetroot yoghurt anyone? Children and dogs are all extremely welcome so it’s the perfect place for the family to browse the unusual.

So if your fancy letting your curiosity get the better of you then check out Ben’s latest trip to the intriguing National Wonder, Still Life Museum, Shop and Café.

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