Britain's best walks

Published: 3rd April 2024

Let's get walking!

Discover the UK's hidden gems with us! We've traded in tourist traps for peaceful walks, and found stunning locations we never knew existed. Join us on a journey to explore the breath-taking and serene places this country has to offer. Let's put on our hiking boots and embark on an adventure together.

1. Snowdon


Starting off our list of the UK’s best walks is Wales’ largest mountain. Although it’s not all about the mountains at Snowdon, the area is also full of picturesque lower level walks that hikers of all experiences can enjoy. Take the Fisherman’s Path which winds along the River Glaslyn giving you stunning views of the surrounding area and takes you to the rocky hillock of Dinas Emrys, which is said to be the lair of the red dragon that adorns the Welsh flag!

Feeling more adventurous? Why not tackle Mount Snowdown; there are 6 paths of varying difficulty that you can take up the mountain with The Llanberis Path being the most popular and the easiest, we know which path we’re choosing…

2. Norfolk Coast Path

Norfolk Coast Path

Switching from the countryside to the beach and there’s no better place to start than the Norfolk Coast Path. A perfect location for a lazy summer afternoon hike, the seaside path from Cromer to Sheringham has to be one of Britain’s best walks.

Start by taking in the fine Victorian architecture of Cromer on one side of the path and the beautiful North Sea on the other as you wind your way west along the cliffs and towards Sheringham. You’ll get to see stunning views from the 207ft high Beeston Bump too which towers above the villages below.

3. Thames Path

Thames Path

We couldn’t leave London off our best walks list and this particular one is very special indeed. Did you know the Berkshire stretches of the River Thames inspired a very famous book? That’s right this section of our capital’s river was the inspiration for ‘The Wind in the Willows’. A tale of a heart-warming friendship between 4 animals as they embark on an adventure across a watery world.

You can start the Thames Path walk at Marlow Bridge, a unique piece of architecture that has been copied by the Széchenyi Bridge in Budapest! Look out for landmarks from the book as you take a relaxing stroll alongside the water, passing calming meadows and working your way towards Quarry Wood on the South Bank. This is believed to be the inspiration for the ‘Wild Wood’. We definitely recommend this as the perfect family walk and for this reason and many others the Thames Path has earned its place as one of Britain’s best.

4. Catbells Walk, Lake District

Catbells Walk

The Lake District is brimming with so many wonderful walks, from riverside paths to mountain strolls there’s plenty for you to choose from. It was difficult for us to pick just one but we have settled for the popular Catbells Walk. With huge views over the quaint lake towns of Keswick, Derwent Water and further you can see why!

Catbells is a small hill that starts to feel like a mountain as it transforms into a perfectly shaped summit. It may sound like a tough hike but its gentle climb has made this walk a perfect starter route for families introducing hiking to their children. Starting at the base make your way over Skelgill Bank where beautiful views of the Newlands Horseshoe start to creep in to sight as you climb higher until you reach the top.

5. Jurassic Coast, Dorset

Jurassic Coast

Last but definitely not least, let's head down to Dorset and check out the Jurassic Coast. Yup, you heard that right – it's named after dinosaurs! This UNESCO World Heritage Site is like a history lesson with a view. From Durdle Door to Old Harry Rocks, there's no shortage of Instagram-worthy spots along this 95-mile stretch of coastline.

Picture this: towering cliffs, hidden coves, and dramatic rock formations carved out by centuries of wind and waves. One of the most iconic spots along the Jurassic Coast is Durdle Door – a natural limestone arch that looks like something straight out of a fantasy novel. Seriously, you have to see it to believe it.

That wraps up our take on the best walks in the UK but there are plenty more across the British Isles to find! If there any you think we may have missed let us know! So what are you waiting for? Your next favourite walk could be just around the corner, book now.

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