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Make the most of your coach hire quote

There are a lot of factors that go into creating a coach hire quote and most people don't realise they could save a lot of money if they knew more about these criteria.

That's why we like to be upfront about how we create your quote so you know you're getting the best deal possible. Take a look at the handy tips below and see if you could save on your next coach hire experience with us.

Hire duration

The duration of your booking is a big factor in how much your quote will be. Below you can see how our tariffs operate:

  • Short tariff - includes 0-5 hours
  • Medium tariff - includes 5-11 hours
  • Long tariff - anything over 11 hours

If you are able to be flexible with the duration of your hire, you may be able to fall into a shorter tariff and save on travel costs.

Additional drivers

In relation to the first point, if your hire duration is in the longest tariff you may be required to have an additional driver.

In the UK and Europe, certain laws mean that a driver can work for up to thirteen hours in one day and during that time they can only drive for a maximum of nine hours.

Should your requirements surpass this time, we will need to provide you with an additional driver which will increase the cost of your booking.

Inbetweener discounts

If you're interested in our bus hire solutions through National Express West Midlands, you could find big savings just by altering the timings of your hire.

There are discounts available on our buses for Off Peak hires. The majority of our buses are used during peaks to get customers to and from work, school or college. However, during less common travel times our buses are more readily available at a cheaper price.

Off Peak times include:

  • Monday to Friday - 9.30am-2.30pm

Please note: we generally only offer buses on hires that are no further than 50 miles away.

Inclusive mileage

We include 150 miles of travel within your initial base-level price. This means that you can have various pickup points in your hire, and we won't charge you any more!

However, once your mileage exceeds 150 in total, you will be charged an additional fee per mile. We recommend you keep pickups and dropoffs to a minimum to save on your mileage and gain a better quote.

Passenger numbers

We understand that sometimes it can be hard to get an exact number of your passengers for your hire vehicle. However, you could save on costs just by understanding our vehicle sizes.

We can offer the following:

  • 16 seat minibus
  • 40 seat single deck bus
  • 49 seat coach
  • 53 seat coach
  • 55 seat Vintage bus
  • 71 seat coach
  • 74 seat double-deck bus

With this in mind, you can consider passenger limits or additions to find the right vehicle for your needs in a cost-effective way.

Vehicle stayover

Whilst there may be a reason you'd like your coach or bus to stay with you for the entire duration of the hire, this can make a big difference to your price.

If you don't need your coach to stay with you in between drop off and pick up, please let us know.

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