Useful information

How to book a journey with your e-Voucher

Booking a journey with your e-voucher is simple and easy!


Use the journey planner on the left hand side to enter your from and to destinations and the date you wish to travel, then enter the voucher ID in the first box and the voucher's security code in the second. Then click on the Coach Times and Fares button and you'll be shown the journey times available. Once you've selected your journey time, the voucher discount will be applied.

Please note, each individual voucher code can only be used once.


Voucher information

Our e-Vouchers are issued as two part vouchers codes. The first part is the voucher ID, which is in the following format XXXX-0000-00 (where the X is a letter and 0 is a number) and the second part is a security code, which is a mix of numbers and letters.

If you have a promotional code (usually all letters and no hyphens), don't use this page - you can use the journey planner on the Promo Codes for National Express to redeem it.

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