Reserving your seat...

On selected services, you can now choose the seat you want to ensure maximum comfort throughout your journey.

To make this process easy for you, we've answered some of the most frequently asked questions about this service below.


Is Seat Reservation available on all services?

 No. At present, you will only be able to reserve seats on selected services when travelling on the following journeys:

  • Birmingham to/from Luton Airport
  • Birmingham to/from London Victoria
  • Bournemouth to/from London Victoria
  • Brighton to/from London Victoria
  • Edinburgh to/from London Victoria
  • Glasgow to/from London Victoria
  • Leeds to/from London Victoria
  • Leicester to/from London Victoria
  • Manchester to/from London Victoria
  • Nottingham to/from London Victoria
  • Southampton to/from London Victoria

We are planning to roll-out Seat Reservation across all of our services over the next few months.


Is Seat Reservation available to purchase across all sale channels and ticket types?

No. Seat reservations will only be available via our website (desktop and mobile versions) when you book your ticket online and selected to receive an e-ticket.


Do I have to reserve my seat at the same time as I book my ticket?

No. We would recommend you reserve your seat at the same time as you book your journey as seat availability is limited and all the earlier you book and reserve a seat the more chance you have of getting our lowest fare and securing a specific seat. However, as long as you have made your original journey booking via our website (desktop and mobile versions) and selected an e-ticket, you can still reserve a seat up to 24 hours before your coach is due to depart (subject to availability).

You can do this using the “Manage My Booking” feature on our website.


I’ve just arrived at a coach station to travel that day. Can I reserve a seat?

No. Seat Reservations can only be purchased online up to 24 hours before departure. Unfortunately Seat Reservations cannot currently be purchased through our mobile app, Contact Centre, Coach Stations, Drivers or Third Party Agents.


Do I have to pay to reserve a seat?

Yes. There is a £2 per person per journey charge for reserving a specific seat on the coach. This cost is in addition to the fare paid for the journey.

For example, if you wanted to reserve 2 seats on both legs of a return journey:

 Passenger 1
Reserved Seat
Passenger 2
Reserved Seat
Total for Reserved
Outward Journey£2£2£4
Return Journey£2£2£4

Why are we charging for seat reservation?

We already provide our customers with a guaranteed seat. For just a small additional charge, you can now choose where you sit - to guarantee you’ll be seated next to friends or family - just like with an airline.


Can I select and reserve any seat on the coach?

No. Initially only the seats on each of the first 5 rows of the coach will be made available for Seat Reservation. Please also note the front two seats immediately behind the driver (Seats 1A and 1B) will NOT be available for Seat Reservation as these are allocated for customers with wheelchairs or who need special assistance with their travel.


How do I reserve a seat?

As long as Seat Reservation is available on your chosen journey/service you will be able to select your seat and add this to your booking at the “Add Extras” stage when booking your journey on our website (desktop and mobile versions).

For more information, please visit the Seat Reservation homepage.

Should you want to add Seat Reservation to your booking at a later date you can do this using the “Manage My Booking” feature on our website. Please note that reserved seats are subject to availability and this option is only available up to 24 hours before you are due to travel.


How will my reserved seat be identified?

If you reserve your seat at the same time as you book your ticket the seat number and confirmation will be clearly shown on your e-ticket confirmation you receive as soon as you have completed your payment and booking.

If you add Seat Reservation to your booking at a later date (up to 24 hours before you travel) you will need to refresh your ticket using the “Manage My Booking” feature on our website.

Once you are on board the coach your seat will be clearly shown as reserved using a Reserved sign which is attached to the seatbelt which will be pulled across your chosen seat.


Can I amend my seat reservation?

Yes. Seat reservations can only be amended online using the “Manage My Booking” feature on our website.


What happens if I miss my coach or I want to go on earlier service? Are seat reservations transferable?

No. Seat reservations are non-refundable and our normal terms and conditions apply. Seat reservations cannot be transferred to another service/coach.


What happens if I have to move onto another service/coach if my coach breaks down?

In the very rare case that one of our coaches breaks down during service you would be transferred to another service/coach, your reserved seat will not transfer with you to the new vehicle and you should contact our Customer Service team for a refund.


What happens if someone else is sat in my reserved seat?

In the first instance you should politely ask them to move seats and explain that you have paid to sit in that specific seat. If they refuse to move at this point please contact your driver.


What if I have a complaint or want a refund?

Seat reservation is a non refundable product. Please contact our Customer Service team or call our Contact Centre on 03717 818181, our lines are open 8am - 10pm, 7 days a week.