How much luggage can I take?

Our luggage allowance means you can take two medium-sized suitcases or rucksacks and one small piece of soft hand luggage per person travelling, free of charge. Your two pieces of luggage mustn't exceed 20kg each, with no side longer than 85cm. When you arrive, our driver will help you to load your luggage onto the coach.

question-mark-yellow.pngCan I take extra luggage?

If you need to take extra luggage on your journey, this can be arranged either in advance or on your day of travel when you arrive at the coach station.

How much luggage you'd like to take, and whether or not you'll need extra for both legs of your journey, will determine the price you pay.

Use our handy calculator to calculate your extra luggage fee.

luggage icon

I want to take extra piece(s) of luggage, on a journey.

£8 if arranged online when booking, or £10 if arranged on your day of travel


lightbulbwe'd always advise booking your extra luggage in advance online, as it means that you'll always pay the lowest possible price. If you do decide to arrange your extra luggage on the day you travel, you can pay your coach driver or the station staff directly.

lightbulbIf you're booking online for more than one person, our booking system will apply extra luggage fees for all passengers in your group. If only one person in your group needs to take extra luggage, we'd advise booking separately.

What items are banned from travel?

For the safety of all our customers, there are some items not allowed on-board our coaches:
  • Any weapons or explosives
  • Drugs (other than medicines) or solvents
  • Non-folding pushchairs/prams
  • Oversized sports equipment
  • Bicylces which aren't folded, dismantled or wrapped
  • Any pets, other than assistance dogs
  • Any items which we deem unsafe or are not properly sealed/secured or perishable items

For detailed information, download our full list of  prohibited items.


Lost property

Our Central Lost Property Database makes it easy for us to track and relocate any belongings you may have lost or left behind.

As our lost property tracking system costs a lot to upkeep, in addition to the cost of storing your items until they're ready to be collected, we charge customers a reasonable fee when items are reclaimed:

  • info£5 charge for items worth £20 or less
  • info£10 charge for items worth between £20 and £50
  • info£20 charge for items worth £50 or more

If you have lost or left an item behind, contact our Lost Property Team.